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We procure top-quality fast food products that meet the necessary needs of your industry - be it fast food distribution, HoReCa or Retail - with a professional approach!


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Who we are?

CINAR FOOD DISTRIBUTION is a top supplier of fast food products for successful businesses in the HoReCa industry as well as traditional Retail.

Our mission is to provide high-quality fast food solutions, services, and products that cover all the specific needs of your business, so that you have a single point of contact you can rely on at any time.

Why choose us as your business partner?

We only deliver top-quality fast food products selected by our specialists from manufacturers who meet our quality criteria

Our products comply with EU standards

We offer prompt and rapid delivery anywhere in the country – HoReCa and Retail distribution to superior standards

We provide fast food products to help you develop your business in the best and most sustainable way

We offer complete solutions, from products to accessories and tools, through our group partners

We provide fair prices for any business, ensuring its development and profitability - we are a fast food products distributor that guarantees its own development through the contributions made to the evolution of its collaborators

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is a top fast food products manufacturer for successful businesses in this industry.

CINAR KITCHEN is a top supplier for successful businesses in the fast food and HoReCa industry.


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What does it mean to be a collaborator of Cinar Distribution?

Collaborating with Cinar Distribution means more than just having access to superior quality fast food products: in short, products that can help you make a difference when analyzing the market.

Cinar Distribution, besides being the largest shawarma meat distributor in Romania, can also provide you with a wide range of other products, as well as a suite of services ideal for both retail and HoReCa - top distribution for top businesses!

This way, you have a fast food sauces distributor and a fast food products distributor in a single collaboration, covering the entire range of products that your business needs. A simple signature guarantees that you will enjoy HoReCa or Retail distribution as you please, but most importantly, that you will have the most delicious fast food products in the area where you operate!

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