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Invest In Quality!
The “Cinar Food Distribution” team made up of well-trained staff, aimed to measure its success through customers appreciation and by offering the services and top products on the targeted market segment. Thereby, we come to support our clients and future clients and offer advice on both the commercialized products and the sales strategy (a marketing plan) and in this way your business will have the chance for guaranteed success!


From Idea to opportunity or how to grow your business quickly and safely, choosing our services and products you will be able to overcome the heavy demands of the market.
Our motto: Quality and Experience make a difference!

Why choose us?

  • Quality: our products are already known both nationally and internationally.
  • Price: The price offered is the most competitive currently.
  • Speed: The order will be processed in a very short time.
  • Products: Our portfolio includes a large and good variety of products focused on customer needs.
  • Flexibility: Support in sales, advice in choosing products, varied procedures of payment.