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Frozen potatoes

Do you need the best frozen french fries for your HoReCa business? No extra words! Discover the range of pre-cooked and frozen fries below and stock up your business!

For more details on the types of frozen fries available in Cinar Distribution's offer, do not hesitate to contact us at the phone number available on the contact page of our website.


Coating crunch potatoes

Potatoes size 6x6

Potatoes size 10x10

Dippers potatoes

Wedges potatoes

               Fast food without frozen, pre-cooked and ready-to-use potatoes? Impossible!

When it comes to fast food dishes, whether in HoReCa or retail, you need to know where to purchase the best and most delicious frozen potatoes. At the same time, variety is also an issue! That is precisely why Cinar Distribution can offer you both frozen French fries and potato wedges - to satisfy every customer!

Frozen potatoes - fair price: the perfect combination!

Speaking of perfect combinations, do not forget that you rarely can purchase pre-cooked and frozen potatoes without a corresponding sauce, as they say. Fortunately, Cinar Distribution has both in its offer. All you have to do is choose the products that best suit your business - we have frozen potato wedges for specific HoReCa units, as well as traditional frozen fries, along with classic sauces and specialties.

               Choose Cinar Distribution - choose carefully selected top products by our team of specialists!

Whether it comes to supplying sauces, meat, or frozen potatoes, you can trust the largest Doner Kebap distributor in Romania!