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Crispy chicken wings

Aripioarele de pui sunt un  produs semipreparat si congelat.

Allergens: May contain traces of allergens as specified on the label.
Packaging: bax 10 kg (10 pungi * 1 kg).
Term of validity: 12 months from production if the product is
stored at temperatures of -18°C.
Cooking instructions: 20-25 minute la 200°C.

Average nutritional values / 100g product:
Valoare energetica (kj): 1002
Valoare energetica(kcal): 240
Grasimi (g): 15 din care acizi grasi saturati (g): 3,8
Glucide (g): 10 din care zaharuri (g): <0,5
Proteine (g): 16
Sare (g): 2,4