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Frozen cakes


Do you need the best frozen cakes in your HoReCa or retail business? No extra words needed! Discover our selection of frozen cakes, from chocolate mousse to baklava cheesecake and kadayif cream - the only cakes you need to amaze your customers' taste buds!

Cinar Distribution is not just a distributor of frozen cakes! We can provide our partners with the entire range of products needed for a fast-food unit - meat, sauces, frozen potatoes, as well as semi-prepared products.

However, if your business is missing something sweet, you can rely on the products on this page! dulce, te poti baza pe produsele din aceasta pagina!

Kadayif cream

Cheesecake baklava

Chocolate mousse

Red Velvet Cake

Coconut Cake

Caramel Cake

Oreo Red Velvet Cake

Belgian Chocolate Cake

Frozen cakes – HoReCa or Retail, you can always rely on Cinar Distribution!

Our range of frozen cakes is specially designed for HoReCa units where demand for such products is, to say the least, variable. This is the main reason why you need to purchase frozen cakes. However, you don't have to worry – the taste of our cakes is not affected by this process!

Thus, your customers will be able to enjoy the classic chocolate mousse, as well as the traditional baklava cheese cake and kadayif cream whenever they want! All you have to do is start collaborating with Cinar Distribution today!

Each product on the above list is carefully selected by our team of experts, ensuring that any Cinar purchase is accompanied by the guarantee of both quality and competitive pricing. Our prices are fair – we believe that the evolution of our partners means, in practice, the evolution of Cinar Distribution.

Therefore, in addition to frozen cakes and top products, we can also offer you consulting on the development of your business, whether it's in the HoReCa field!