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Frozen semi-prepared

Do you need the best frozen semi-prepared products in your business, whether it's HoReCa or Retail? No extra words needed! Cinar Distribution provides you with semi-prepared meat products that any fast food or specialty business needs.

The products below are carefully selected by our team of experts, ensuring that the producers we collaborate with meet our expectations!

Chicken burger

Chicken strips

Chicken schnitzel

Crispy chicken

Sesame falafel

Chicken nuggets

Discover the range of frozen semi-prepared products offered by Cinar Distribution!

Burgers, fingers, chicken schnitzels and wings, as well as the traditional sesame falafel by Cinar Distribution - you can benefit from all these frozen semi-prepared products through a simple collaboration with the largest Doner Kebap distributor in Romania!

All the mentioned products are made in accordance with the standards of the European Union, an aspect verified and confirmed by our team of experts.

The Cinar team believes that our own development is closely linked to the evolution of each partner. Therefore, a collaboration with Cinar Distribution represents finding a reliable partner with whom you can confidently travel the road to success!

Choose top quality frozen semi-prepared products and guarantee the long-term success of your business!

For more details or information about our semi-prepared products, do not hesitate to contact us at the phone number or email address displayed on the contact page of this website.