We source the best products for you. 


We actively participate in the development of our clients' businesses, whether they are in the HoReCa or retail industry. 

That's why, in addition to the diversity of the products we distribute, their quality, promptness, and flexibility that our clients benefit from, we actively engage in providing the necessary consulting for their business development.

Everything we do is because the success of our clients' businesses means our success, and we believe in honest, serious, and lasting partnerships.

Do you have a business in one of the industries we are prepared to support for development?

Fast Food and HoReCa

The HoReCa division includes over 100 premium products, carefully selected from the best national and international producers, based on market research, consumer tastes, and the needs of businesses in the industry.

From opportunity and idea to consulting for development, sales growth, and customer loyalty, from basic food products to kitchen utensils and accessories, we are here for you and your business.
Whether you own a small fast food joint or a neighborhood restaurant, a cafe, a top-rated restaurant, a catering company, or a restaurant chain, or whether you own a guesthouse or a hotel, we are here for you, your clients, and to help your business reach its full potential, sustainably and profitably.

Retail international IKA

Our product portfolio is tailored for major players in the modern retail market, thanks to our understanding of the consumer market and the current needs and desires of customers, adapting continuously to them.

Our team of consultants has extensive experience working with large retail chains and is here for any business in the food retail industry.

Retail traditional

Whether it's a neighborhood store or a local supermarket chain, our range of products, combined with our experience, can help you grow your business by expanding your product offerings for your customers, as well as by providing ideas and sales growth consulting to attract a larger consumer audience. 

We understand your specific needs, always deliver promptly, and are flexible - all because we want to be true partners to you, not just suppliers.


Cinar Food Production is the most well-known producer of chicken and beef shawarma in Romania, present in the market since 2008, with a varied range of high-quality products, based on raw materials from abattoirs with high levels of food safety and quality, audited and accepted through our internal supplier selection procedures. Thus, we guarantee delivery at the highest European standards.


With competitive prices and a product range built according to the most in-demand equipment in the industry, Cinar Kitchen is the partner of businesses in the HoReCa sector.

We offer the full range of equipment, utensils, and accessories needed to equip professional kitchens for businesses in the HoReCa sector. From consulting on the selection of equipment needed for your business to installation, we are here to ensure that everything runs as you wished. Our equipment meets the strictest standards of quality and safety.