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Fast food sauce

Do you need the best fast food sauces in your establishment, whether it's HoReCa or retail? No more words needed! Discover the varied selection below and choose a fast food sauce for each dish of your business!

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Anatolia Sauce

Mediterranean Sauce

Cinar Doner Sauce

Izmir Sauce

Tartar Sauce

Sambal Sauce

Choose fast food sauces with a unique taste - choose Cinar Distribution!

A simple fast food sauce won't get you out of trouble when you need that extra something for your dishes. Instead, a homemade shawarma sauce from Cinar Distribution can really help you. Here are some of the key points of the above sauces:

  • Anatolia Sauce – slightly spicy chilli mayonnaise, for a unique fast food sauce, also accompanied by oriental herbs and spices.
  • Mayonnaise – one of the most common fast food sauces; ours is as classic as possible - creamy and light
  • Mediterranean Sauce – an incredible shawarma sauce, with pepper, shallots and garlic, in addition to superior quality mayonnaise
  • Cinar Doner Sauce – mayonnaise and tomato paste make up one of those shawarma sauces that you rarely get to taste; Cinar Doner sauce is slightly spicy
  • Ketchup – more than just a homemade ketchup, as the basis of this fast food sauce is aromatic tomatoes
  • Antep Sauce – tomato paste and onions combine in a sweet and slightly spicy fast food sauce, sending your customers' taste buds into a frenzy that will result in a second order
  • Izmir Sauce – a black pepper fast food sauce, characterized by its unmistakable aroma and slightly spicy effect; preferred by some even as a shawarma sauce
  • Tartar Sauce – mayonnaise, parsley and onion combine in one of the most well-known fast food sauces; sweet and sour accents, designed especially for all tastes
  • Sambal Sauce – full of aroma and a spicy effect; this is the result of the combination of Spanish puree and peppers. Even if you won't find it among your favorite shawarma sauces, it is a product that cannot be missing from your establishment